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Commercial and Contracts

ECA’s Commercial and Contracts team provide support and advice relating to key aspects of contractual business matters in both commercial and domestic settings.  From pre-qualification to conditions of payment, labour agreements and mediation, the ECA provides its members with templates, guides and a dedicated helpline. Information about the ECA Bond, Warranty and Guarantees can also be found here. 

Payment, contracts and disputes

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Trading with Consumers

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Commercial Best Practices

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Business Management

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Daywork Rates

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ECA Guarantee, Warranty, Bond & Assurance Schemes

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Commercial and Contracts Representation

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Contact the ECA Commercial & Contracts Department

For any enquiries relating to Commerical & Contracts please contact the department on the details below:

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ECA Making Payment Practices Publicly Available

(PDF, 318 kB)

A summary document explaining the Reporting of Payment Practices and Reporting Regulations 2017.

Published 09 Feb 2017Last reviewed 09 Feb 2017

Sheet 1 - RICS Daywork Electrical 2017

(PDF, 214 kB)
Published 05 Jan 2017Last reviewed 05 Jan 2017

Sheet 2 - RICS Mechanical Daywork Rates 2017

(PDF, 214 kB)
Published 05 Jan 2017Last reviewed 05 Jan 2017

Guarantee of Work Certificate

(PDF, 73 kB)
Published 21 Nov 2016

ECA Guidance on Collateral Warranty

(PDF, 54 kB)

Guidance which introduces and explains what a Collateral Warranty means.


ECA Model Conditions of Purchase Guidance

(PDF, 272 kB)

For use where general-use materials are to be board and/or as a basis for a negotiated contract of supply.


ECA Model Conditions of Sub-Sub-Contract

(PDF, 651 kB)

To provide a basis upon which members can subcontract their obligations to a mechanical or other partner.


ECA Model Conditions of Tender and Contract

(PDF, 190 kB)

To provide general terms when contracting business to business or when making an offer to a general contractor.


ECA Model Domestic Consumer Contract

(PDF, 448 kB)

A basic series of terms and conditions that can be employed when contracting in the "domestic" consumer market.


Loan Labour Agreement Charging Guidelines

(PDF, 130 kB)

To facilitate Inter-Member transfer of labour on a short-term basis.


ECA Construction Act Payment

(PDF, 40 kB)Download

ECA The New Construction Act Flow Chart

(PDF, 63 kB)Download

Dun & Bradsheet Risk Management Solutions

(PDF, 435 kB)Download

Trading with a Consumer

(PDF, 738 kB)Download

Cash Flow 2016

(PDF, 469 kB)

This guidance leaflet considers how to manage and control both income and expenditure to ensure there is sufficient short term finance available to meet short term obligations.


ECA Basics of Contract

(PDF, 175 kB)

The practical constituent parts of entering into a contract. A joint publication from the ECA and BESA.


ECA Getting Paid

(PDF, 49 kB)

Helping your customers to pay on time and the right amount, amounts to good business sense, here’s how.


ECA Insolvency Summary leaflet

(PDF, 48 kB)

This leaflet identifies issues that can be considered before ‘allowing’ your business to become a victim of either upstream or downstream insolvency.


Negotiating Tips for Success

(PDF, 56 kB)

Some pointers that anyone can do to help achieve deliver a deal that both parties can feel satisfied by.


ECA Protecting Profit

(PDF, 51 kB)

A series of hints and tips that can be applied easily to any business in order to retain hard earned profits.


ECA Tender Check & Pre-Contract Checklist

(PDF, 269 kB)

This is a checklist to ensure all the essential matters have been considered before committing to an Agreement. A joint publication with BESA.


Sheet 1- RICS Electrical Daywork Rates (Own Transport) April 2016

(PDF, 215 kB)Download

ECA Assurance Schemes

(PDF, 206 kB)Download

Terms & Conditions of Guarantee of Work Scheme

(PDF, 102 kB)Download

ECA MCS Warranty

(PDF, 64 kB)Download

MCS Warranty Purchasing Guide

(PDF, 139 kB)Download

The Construction Act with visible ammendments

(PDF, 136 kB)Download

ECA Model Domestic Consumer Contract - MS Word Version

(WORD, 98 kB)Download

ECA Model Conditions of Purchase Guidance - MS Word version

(WORD, 19.8 kB)Download

ECA Model Conditions of Sub-Sub-Contract - MS Word version

(WORD, 144 kB)Download

ECA Model Conditions of Tender and Contract - MS Word version

(WORD, 18.8 kB)Download

Form 1 - Instructions concerning legal rights to cancel contract

(PDF, 96 kB)Download

Form 2 - Instruction to cancel within the cancellation period

(PDF, 82 kB)Download

Form 3 - Asking us to carry out Works during the Cancellation Period

(PDF, 144 kB)Download

Form 4 - Instructions to stop work during the cancellation period

(PDF, 160 kB)Download

Form 5 - Model advice when a dispute starts

(PDF, 308 kB)Download

Sheet 2- RICS Mechanical Daywork Rates (Own Transport) April 2016

(PDF, 215 kB)Download

Down to Earth - Paper 23 Insurances

(PDF, 208 kB)Download

Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations

(WORD, 124 kB)

A joint publication with the BESA (Building Engineering Services Association).