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Application guides

Here you can access authoritative Application Guides compiled and published by our technical experts, addressing best practice engineering across many subject areas, ranging from High Voltage earthing to assessment of Arc Flash Hazards and much more. These Application Guides are available to members and this resource will grow over time.

Nominal Low Voltage Value and Selection of Equipment

The objective of this guidance is to set out the background to European Voltage Harmonisation. The past and current situation within the UK & Europe; how this affects the selection of electrical plant and equipment and; how voltage drop criteria might be best applied.



Earthing of Industrial/Commercial Secondary HV/LV Substations and Main Earthing Systems

This application guidance seeks to clarify the correct requirements for industrial / commercial HV/LV substation earthing.



Selection of LV Switchgear and Protective Devices

This application guidance is intended to provide readers with information regarding the design, selection and installation of LV switchgear and protective devices and to offer practical guidance to all, though due to the nature of the subject must make reference to other guidance documents and standards.



Practical LV Cable Sizing

This guidance provides information relating to the design, selection and erection of cabling in the LV category as defined by, as amended, Requirements for Electrical installations, IET Wiring Regulations 17th Edition.



Application Guidance on Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Arc Flash Protection

Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Arc Flash Protection, are topics of North-American (USA) origin and concern the assessment and mitigation of Arc Flash Hazard(s) to personnel working on, or in reasonably close proximity to, energised electrical plant and equipment. The topic is very much coming to the fore in the UK via manufacturers and suppliers of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and their efforts are focussed on...



Passive Fire Stopping of Building Services Structural Openings

The purpose of this application guide is to cover two objectives:

  • To provide specifiers and / or installers with reference information covering the practical aspects of fire stopping in relation to building services installations.
  • To provide practical information, written in plain English suitable for inclusion within a suitable sub-contract specification for the provision of fire stopping by a third party supplier.