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Technical Bulletins

We regularly publish short & quick reference documents, keeping engineers and installers up to date on issues that impact their businesses on a daily basis. 
Technical Bulletins are designed to offer good advice on specific technical questions received through our technical  helpline or via our network of branch and regional meetings.


Wiring Accessory Replacement

(PDF, 379 kB)

This technical bulletin addresses the questions about wiring accessory replacement and provides best practice guidance which can be applied to both commercial and domestic locations.

Published 23 Feb 2017

Cross-sectional Area of Neutral Conductors

(PDF, 215 kB)

Best practice advice based on one of the most frequent technical enquiries.


Joining Dissimilar Metals

(PDF, 231 kB)

This technical bulletin is designed to offer advice and guidance when working on and with electrical equipment of dissimilar metals that are to be connected, or joined together.


Does Metallic Cable Tray / Ladder Require Bonding?

(PDF, 242 kB)

Many contractors, engineers and consultants find this topic to be confusing. The answer will depend on what the tray / ladder is used for.


Electrical Installations After a Flood or Fire

(PDF, 383 kB)

Floods and fires of any magnitude can have detrimental effects on any electrical installation. This bulletin provides property professionals with clear advice on recognising these potential dangers.


CPR – IT and Telecommunication Cables

(PDF, 312 kB)

This Technical Bulletin is a useful tool for you and your client to explain what is expected in the publication of and its commercial impact regarding the Construction Product Regulations.


Responsibilities for Passive Fire Stopping of Building Services Structural Openings

(PDF, 391 kB)

This bulletin reminds members of the vital importance of establishing contractual responsibilities for passive fire stopping around building services installations.


IP Rating of Trunking

(PDF, 202 kB)

The trunking currently being used in electrical installations typically has an International Protection (IP) rating (otherwise known as Ingress Protection Rating) of IP3X where joints have been fabricated on site.