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ECA accredited Energy Efficiency Advisor (EEA)

Energy saving is a global concern, whether an SME or multi-million pound business. Dialogue and research in relation to how to save energy are ever increasing in order to make sure your business meets with both evolving governmental requirements and also to crucially improve cost efficiency. Accordingly, ensuring that those involved within the electrical contracting sector are competent in relation to reducing energy usage and carbon emissions has been recognised by the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA).

To meet this need, the ECA in collaboration with Schneider Energy University, now offers an ECA Energy Efficiency Advisor (EEA) accreditation to ECA Member companies staff.

The EEA is an individual accreditation giving the skills and knowledge to enable an ECA member to advise clients on their energy usage and potential savings in an authoritative way backed by an ECA endorsement.

For more information about the course, please visit our Members Website Sustainability Solutions area or download the ECA Energy Efficiency Advisor leaflet.

The ECA Energy Efficiency Advisors are accredited to:

- Work in a safe, effective and professional manner
- Carry out a basic energy audit of commercial and domestic premises including:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Lighting;
  • All electrical systems, including machinery;
  • Building monitoring systems;
  • Use variety of surveying and monitoring techniques;
  • Prepare an energy report for clients on energy savings that can be made.

...all backed by the ECA accreditation.

To find an ECA Energy Efficiency Advisor and get more information about your potential savings, please click here.

There are ECA Energy Checklists available for Commercial and Domestic Buildings.