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Wired for Success - ECA Women into Electrical Contracting Initiative

ECA launches Blueprint for Success

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Wired for Success is revolutionary two year initiative by the ECA, concieved and spearheaded by ECA Skills Ambassasor and outgoing president, Diane Johnson. It aims to challenge perceptions and break down the barriers that prevent women - who are currently underrepresented in the electrical contracting industry - from entering the sector, at a time when over a million women are unemployed in the UK.

Working with our partners including principal partner, housing association L&Q, 12 female residents aged 25 to 51 have embarked on a bespoke, flexible programme of training, which incorporates a new electrical qualification for the domestic market which is expected to be launched in early 2012. Our programme combines technical training, on site placements and business skills, in order to offer our participants the opportunity to start a career as qualified operatives in the domestic market of the electrical industry - or potentially set up their own businesses or become fully qualified Commercial and Industrial electricians (with a year's further bridging training).

This is a blueprint that can be rolled out across across other housing associations and indeed other sectors where a demographic is underrepresented, and is particulary suited for women, as the programme has been designed to fit around family committments and term time, with support including mentoring, pastoral care, and reimbursement of childcare costs.

This is a two year initiative running in partnership with our principal partners, L&Q, and our other sponsors and supporters: EAS Education, Axis, Mullalley, Smith and Byford, Newey and Eyre, the IET and Jobman workwear.


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