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Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installations

Inviting Commercial and Industrial Installers

Commercial and industrial electrical installation work offers vast opportunities for companies and individuals involved with electrotechnical services.

Whether it involves the smallest lock-up shop unit, no bigger than a basic dwelling, or a large multi-million pound industrial complex, the basic need to provide a safe, efficient installation that complies with the necessary standards and legislation remains the same.

Compliance with BS 7671 in terms of electrical installation work, whilst in itself is not a legal requirement, will go a long way to providing proof and reassurance that the legal requirements imposed under the Electricity at Work Regulations have been accommodated.

It should be borne in mind, that although at present there is no requirement to ‘notify’ such work, in the manner that the Building Regulations require for domestic dwellings, the Electricity at Work Regulations  sets a legal requirement for safety to be provided – with harsh consequences and penalties should safety falter.

Moving into the field of commercial and industrial installations is often the next stage for companies that have started out with work confined to dwellings.

Such work often involves more complex design requirements, as well as other related fields such as alarm systems, safety services systems, datacoms, A/V systems, generator support and services associated with supplying IT systems.

Consequently, although the work is more complex and involved, as would be expected the rewards are often higher for those companies able to properly understand, resource, undertake and complete such work.

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