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BS7671 - AMD2

Amendment 2 of the BS 7671:2018 (the 18th Edition) IET Wiring Regulations


DPC - 21 September to 11 December 2020

The 2nd Amendment (AMD 2) to the IET 18th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2018) will open as a Draft for Public Comment (DPC) from 21 September 2020 to 11 December 2020.

The DPC for AMD 2 will be published on the BSI Standards development portal - here

The ECA Technical team wishes to advise as many Members as possible to respond to the DPC, providing guidance on certain important topics. We have provided some guidance (below) as well as an example comment, to give your comments the best chance of being actioned.

There is also a mini questionnaire for Members to provide feedback on some of the core issues. This will be valuable feedback for our team and will take two minutes to complete.

Top 5 points to look out for

  1. Introduction to Amd 2 - Date that after which all installations should comply with the new version of BS 7671 introduction regardless of when they were designed, 23rd March 2023
  2. 411.3.3 – The option to omit RCDs on socket-outlets via a risk assessment is being removed
  3. 421.1.7 - AFDDs are being mandated for many circuits in all buildings
  4. 542.1.2.202 - Foundation earthing being mandated for new buildings
  5. 531.3.2 - RCBOs being suggested as the best option in dwellings

Get Involved

How to get involved with standards

A published standard is the result of months of collaborative work between BSI and a wide variety of interested parties. Find out more about how standards are made.

There are a number of different ways that you can be involved in helping to develop standards. By using this website, you can:
  • comment on proposed and draft standards
  • suggest an idea for a new standard
If a standard is in ‘Proposal’ or ‘Public comment’ stage, you can submit your feedback on it by going to the relevant standard profile page and following the on-screen instructions and guidance.

How to make a comment

If a standard is in ‘Proposal’ or ‘Public comment’ stage, you can submit your feedback on it by going to the relevant standard profile page and following the on-screen instructions and guidance.

When commenting on draft standards, use the ‘Comment on this section’ field to make your comments and the ‘Proposed changes’ field for any clarification and to make a suggestion for improvement. Your comment is more likely to be accepted if a constructive alternative is provided. There are three types of comments you can add:
  • General – general comments on the standard as a whole or comments that are neither technical nor editorial
  • Technical – comments on the technical content of the standard
  • Editorial – purely editorial comments such as corrections to spelling or rewording to express the technical point more clearly
If you have an idea for a new standard, you can submit it to BSI's standardisation experts.

Example Comments

Below is an image of a standard that ECA have previously commented on. In order to make sure your comment is looked at, provide a well laid out comment along with a sensible solution.




The proposed change from BS 7671 : 2008 Amd 3 to stipulate that all AC sockets not exceeding 32 A now require 30mA RCD protection, with no alternate is not a sensible option.  Although there is always the opportunity to raise a ‘departure’ it would not likely be acceptable to some parties and may cause issues with professional indemnity.


Maintain the existing option for having a risk assessment or suitable labelling in a non domestic environment.

AMD2 - Member Questionnaire

(Please note, this is for ECA purposes and will not be passed on to BSI).
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