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New electrical industry charity initiative

New electrical industry charity initiative

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Last year 10 brave industry individuals, including ECA Senior Vice President Mike Smith, signed up to take on the EIC fundraising challenge to raise £100,000 for the Hendrie family. Earlier this month they completed their final leg of the fundraising challenge after a 10-day ascent up Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, the tallest free-standing mountain on earth!

The Electrical Industries Charity is now really excited to bring you news of our next big ‘Challenge for a Cause’. This year’s fundraising challenge is for Cazz Dickinson, who worked at the Coventry branch of a major electrical wholesaler and distributor, until a tragic series of events left her in a coma.

A few years ago, with Cazz aged just 42 at the time, hit her head in her bathroom following a prolonged coughing fit. As a result of this she suffered a massive brain bleed, which left her paralysed from the neck down and unable to speak.

After many months in hospital Cazz was discharged to a high care facility nursing home where she remained until July 2016. During this period Cazz and her family lost their home, and her husband has now given up work to care for her full-time as she remains paralysed. However, she is slowly regaining some speech. The family are currently living in rented accommodation, and face problems with claiming benefits, in addition to needing to overcome multiple legal and physical problems.

Cazz’s husband and family were directed to the Electrical Industries Charity after she was finally allowed to go home following 7 years in a nursing home. We then decided that Cazz and her family will be the focus for this year’s fundraising challenge. Working together with the electrical community, we hope to turn the family’s life around by raising enough money to build them a fit-for-purpose house that will cater to Cazz’s needs for the rest of her life.

Planning has just commenced for this initiative, and we are hoping to hear from passionate and fit individuals who want to make a difference to our industry. If you are interested in finding out more, please email

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