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ECA Guarantee of Work Scheme

The ECA Guarantee – A free benefit for ECA Members

The ECA Guarantee of Work provides a free benefit to the customers of ECA members. If once completed, technical non-compliances are discovered, the works will be reinstated to their certifiable standard.

The ECA Guarantee of Work Scheme freely and automatically applies to all members’ work and subject to its terms and conditions, removes the need to enter into an insurance-backed ‘warranty’ contract with ECA member companies (consumer) customers. 

The Guarantee of Work Scheme is Part P and TrustMark compliant. It covers completed contracts in any calendar year up to a value of £50,000 (including VAT) and £100,000 (Including VAT) for multiple contracts for the same customer.  

A Certificate for, The Guarantee of Work Scheme, which includes the Terms and Conditions, is available for members. This document can be downloaded and given to customers as proof of the Guarantee’s applicability. 

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Guarantee of Work Certificate

(PDF, 128 kB)

An ECA certificate template for the Guarantee of Work Scheme

Published 21 Nov 2016

T&Cs of Guarantee of Work Scheme

(PDF, 102 kB)

Outlines the Terms & Conditions for the Guarantee of Work Scheme