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The Warranty

Providing customers with an assurance that works will meet the appropriate standard(s)

Customers may want the added benefit of an insurance backed warranty when their works have been completed and the contractor has left the site. The ECA underwrites the compliance of the finished installation with its standards. Therefore, in the event the customer needs an interested third party to guarantee the works are safe and acceptable, they can have the confidence that a long established organisation stands behind the installer.

How the Warranty works

The Warranty underwrites a Member's completed and certified work. If the work is subsequently shown to be non-compliant then the Association will finally ensure the work is reinstated to its contracted certified standard.

The ECA Warranty may be employed on projects whose value exceeds the £50,000. To affect the Warranty, both the member and the customer must sign the Warranty Certificate and a copy must be given to the customer upon completion of the works. The Warranty cover is available for six years and is subject to its own terms and conditions.

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