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Down to Earth

A Guide to the Commercial and contractual aspects to running a business

The 23 papers that this guide provides are available to reflect (i) members trading with consumers (domestic market), (ii) 'JCT' style contracting (iii), NEC contracts.

The papers provides a brief training guide highlighting issues members should either be aware about or beware of.

A list of contents follows, as does a freely available download which serves as a sample as to Down to Earth’s content and style. 

Members can request further papers, stating whether Consumer, JCT or NEC is required. These are ‘free’. Please contact the Commercial and Contracts Department secretary.

Businesses have been built on the advice this book contains and if implemented the advice will help contractor’s manage themselves more profitably.

Down to Earth – List of contents

1.    Introduction – please read first.
2.    Jargon – Contractual Terms explained.
3.    Obtaining Work.
4.    Tendering.
5.    Order and Acceptance
6.    Contract Documentation.
7.    Pre-Start
8.    Commencement
9.    Relationships within the Supply Side
10.    Labour 
11.    Materials and Permanent Equipment
12.    Temporary Plant
13.    Sub-Subcontractors
14.    Change – Variations and Compensation Events
15.    Fluctuations
16.    Delays
17.    Management Accounts
18.    Site and Early Warning, Meetings
19.    The Construction Act
20.    Cash flow
21.    Insolvency
22.    Disputes
23.    Insurances
24.    Operating & Maintenance Concerns
25.    Final Accounts
26.    Feedback – Completing The Loop.


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Down to Earth - Consumer (Domestic) Introduction

(PDF, 102 kB)Download

Down to Earth – JCT Contracts Introduction

(PDF, 140 kB)Download

Down to Earth – NEC 3 Contracts

(PDF, 133 kB)Download

Down to Earth – NEC 4

(PDF, 107 kB)Download

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