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Tender & Estimating

Tender & Estimating

The manual work of estimating has largely been supplanted by either computerised systems or by the use of a ‘simple’ spreadsheet.

Never the less, the job of accurately forecasting the outturn cost of a construction job has never been more vital.

The following papers have been produced to help an estimator create a better estimate, to demonstrate how the estimate should be communicated to management and then, how a better ‘offer’ (Tender/Quotation/Submission/Bid) may result.

Like its sister publication: ‘Down To Earth’ the authors do not intend that all the information that follows is assessed in one sitting.

Members are encouraged, over a given period of time, to work systematically through the contents and to use those items and suggestions which have the biggest and most immediate improvement on their working life.

1. Procurement  
2. Pre-Estimating  
3. Preparing the Estimate  
4. Labour  
5. Suppliers  
6. Preliminaries  
7. Budget Sums  
8. Contribution - Overheads/ Profit  
9. Change  
10. Bidding Mar 2021
11. Post-bid Activities  
12. Useful Forms