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Employment Guides

Employee Relations Written Guidance & Sample Documents

It is essential that employers have access to reliable information on employment issues and employment law. Therefore, the ECA want to make it as easy as possible for Members to access this information and be guided through the ‘minefield’ of employment law.

The ECA’s Employee Relations team have produced detailed employment guidance on aspects of managing employee relations, including: disciplinary procedures, managing grievance, dismissal warnings, managing redundancy, equality and more.

Our guides will help you with day-to-day employment issues that arise with some regularity.  Whilst our guidance is based on the requirements of the law, it avoids legal jargon and is set out in a format that is easy to understand and implement. Where appropriate, our guidance also includes sample letters and policies that employers can download and use. 

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Coronavirus - Managing business disruption

(PDF, 358 kB)
Published 20 Mar 2020Last reviewed 20 Mar 2020

Deduction from Wages Guidance

(PDF, 213 kB)

This document outlines the law on when and how much can be deducted from a worker’s wages, payments which constitute wages and provides guidance on some of the more common reasons employers may have for making deductions

Published 08 Jan 2020

Guidance on what to do if your employee is accused or convicted of a crime

(PDF, 198 kB)

The following guidance explains what employers should consider when faced with an employee accused of or convicted of a crime.

Published 17 Sep 2019

Social Value Guidance

(PDF, 310 kB)

The following Guide aims to give ECA Members a better idea of what is meant by social value, the potential implications for winning and performing work, and measures they can take to maximise and demonstrate their ability to deliver socially valuable outcomes.

Published 29 Jul 2019

Guidance on Criminal Records Checking in the Construction Industry

(PDF, 158 kB)
Published 25 Jul 2019Last reviewed 25 Jul 2019

FSA Apprenticeship Offer Letter

(PDF, 91 kB)
Published 15 Apr 2019Last reviewed 15 Apr 2019

FSA Apprenticeship Template Contract

(PDF, 241 kB)
Published 15 Apr 2019Last reviewed 15 Apr 2019

FSA Apprenticeship Assessment Form

(PDF, 160 kB)
Published 15 Apr 2019Last reviewed 15 Apr 2019

FSA Apprenticeship Employment Application Form

(PDF, 37 kB)
Published 15 Apr 2019Last reviewed 15 Apr 2019

FSA Apprenticeship Employee next of kin and bank details

(PDF, 65 kB)
Published 15 Apr 2019Last reviewed 15 Apr 2019

Temporary lay-off provisions

(PDF, 224 kB)
Published 09 Apr 2019Last reviewed 09 Apr 2019

Guidance on the prevention of Illegal Working in the Construction Industry - Jan 2019

(PDF, 848 kB)

The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, requires that all employers conduct basic document checks on every person that they intend to employ. By undertaking the document checks, employers can be reassured that they are complying with their legal obligations and doing everything possible to employ only people who are allowed to work in the UK. ECA is here to help employers navigate the procedures they need to follow in these circumstances.

Published 05 Feb 2019Last reviewed 05 Feb 2019

Adverse Weather Conditions Guidance

(PDF, 152 kB)
Published 01 Mar 2018Last reviewed 01 Mar 2018

ECA Guidance on RPE

(PDF, 173 kB)

This guidance document outlines the importance of being clean shaven when using tight-fitting RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment).

Published 06 Dec 2016Last reviewed 06 Dec 2016

EU Settlement Scheme Information

(PDF, 203 kB)

This information is about the EU Settlement Scheme (which fully opened on March 2019) in line with the draft Withdrawal Agreement.


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