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Coronavirus - ECA Member Guidance

ECA have produced a number of helpful guides and information for ECA Members on dealing with the impact of the current situation regarding coronavirus. 


As the situation is changing on a daily basis, employers are advised to also check the latest Government, HSE and NHS guidance on dealing with and preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

Construction Site Activity

The government position (as of 24/03/2020) is that construction (and maintenance) can continue, subject to meeting essential conditions*. This has been a fast-moving situation and this position may change.
*The current view of the CLC is that work should only continue if:

  • it can be carried out under the guidance issued by Public Health England;
  • it can be undertaken without any compromising on safety and health;
  • it’s done in accordance with the new Site Operating Procedure (SOP); and 
  • workers can travel safely and responsibly to sites.  

ECA business continuity

ECA would like to reassure Members, Associates and our other industry partners and stakeholders that we have implemented contingency plans to allow our services and other Member support to be maintained during the current coronavirus situation.

ECA has produced and will continue to produce relevant information as the situation develops. ECA currently provides guidance on:


Commercial Issues


Coronavirus - Contractual Issues

19 Mar 2020

Coronavirus - Business continuity planning

19 Mar 2020

Blog - Uncertainty of Coronavirus and the supply chain

18 Mar 2020
Coronavirus - Retention of Title Guidance 23 Mar 2020
Coronavirus - Debtor Insolvency Guidance 23 Mar 2020
Procurement Policy Note - Supplier Relief 23 Mar 2020
Coronavirus - Government Business Interruption Loan Scheme 24 Mar 2020

Health & Safety Issues

Precautionary measures for employers 17 Mar 2020
Toolbox Talk - Coronavirus 19 Mar 2020

A ‘Toolbox Talk’ is an informal safety meeting that focuses on health or safety topics related to a job or site, usually facilitated by a supervisor. Meetings are normally short and are generally conducted at the site prior to the start of work. This general coronavirus toolbox talk may be adapted as necessary to suit individual Member company needs.

Site Operating Procedures 24 Mar 2020
The Site Operating Procedure is advocated by the Construction Leadership Council as the construction industry standard for measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus on-site. 

Employment Issues

Employment Guidance - Avoiding and dealing with Coronavirus in your workplace 23 Mar 2020
Employment Guidance - Managing workplace disruption 24 Mar 2020
Blog: job retention scheme 23 Mar 2020
Job Retention Scheme Analysis 23 Mar 2020
ECIS - Sickness Cover Guidance 26 Mar 2020

Government fiscal support for business and other information

Coronavirus - Government announcements 18 Mar 2020
Coronavirus - Government Business Support 23 Mar 2020
Coronavirus - Government Procurement 19 Mar 2020
Coronavirus - Guidelines on work that is still allowed 25 Mar 2020
Examples of Good Practice 26 Mar 2020
General ECA building / visitor guidance 18 Mar 2020
Coronavirus Fraud Alert  



Coronavirus Impact - Webinar 1 (24 March 2020)

24 Mar 2020
ECA experts Paul Williams (health and safety), Rob Driscoll (commercial and contractual), and Andrew Eldred (employment) discuss some the key issues arising from the impact of coronavirus on engineering services.


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