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JIB Wage Rates & Staff Salaries

ECA has completed a groundbreaking agreement for a four year JIB wage settlement. The settlement is all the more welcome as it provides certainty at a time of considerable uncertainty in the wider economy.

Details of the changes effective under the JIB agreement which came into effect from 2nd January 2017 are available to view here.

The main changes introduced in the four year settlement are increases in wages; changes to the calculation of travel payments; and increases in holiday entitlement.

Additionally, by logging in you can find out updated information on Statutory Family Friendly Payments and Statutory Sick Pay.

For further information and for all the Statutory Pay updates - view Key Employment Rates

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NJC Promulgations 2.18 for 2019 and 2020

(PDF, 134 kB)

2019-20 Review of The EEI Staff Salary Agreement


Guidance on Taxation of JIB Allowance

(PDF, 714 kB)

Guidance note on taxation of JIB travel and lodging allowances


Staff Salary Agreement

(PDF, 486 kB)

Salaries and other conditions of employment of technical, supervisory, administrative and allied personnel employed in the environmental engineering industry