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Taxation of JIB travel and lodging allowances

ECA has updated and further clarified its guidance for Members on the taxation of JIB allowances for 2019.

Lodging Allowances 2020

Current Lodging Allowance is £41.70 per night. This rate will change in January 2021. Retention payments increased to a maximum of £13.72 per night; and weekend retention fees increased to £41.70 per night.

Mileage Allowances 2020

Current Mileage Allowance is 22p per mile over 15 Miles each way.

Current Mileage Rate is 12p per mile over 15 Miles each way. 

Go to the JIB Website here for more details > 

Please contact the ECA Employee Relations Department with any queries, on 020 7313 4804 or via email at