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Energy & Environment

Interested in seizing the commercial opportunities arising from the growing energy saving, carbon refurbishment and new build markets?  

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Energy Efficiency Technologies for Domestic & Commercial Sector

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Energy & Environment Industry Representation

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Sustainability Policy & Advice

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Environmental Operational Guide

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Renewable Technologies

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'Selling' Energy Solutions

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ECA Energy & Environment Members Helpline

Practical over-the-phone advice on environmental issues.

The support areas include (but are not limited to) waste disposal regulations and updates on energy efficiency and renewable technologies best practice.

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  • Guidance Note - EV charge-point installers

    Guidance Note - EV charge-point installers

    ECA have produced guidance to signpost the process an installer must follow for The Office for Low Emissions (OLEV) accreditation and installation notification.



Evidence gathering for electric heating options in OGG homes

(PDF, 3.5 MB)

BEIS have released a final report on the ‘Evidence gathering for electric heating options in off gas grid homes’.

Published 01 Oct 2019

ECA response to BEIS on Energy Efficiency

(PDF, 143 kB)

ECA has replied to a call for evidence from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on an energy efficiency scheme for small and medium-sized businesses. ECA welcomes BEIS’ focus on encouraging and supporting energy efficiency measures.

Published 15 May 2019

NHBC - introduction to energy storage batteries for homes

(PDF, 6.7 MB)
Published 02 May 2019

Faults with Solar PV systems

(PDF, 1.6 MB)

Solar PV systems are generally very reliable, but like all electrical equipment, they can sometimes suffer from a fault. This document sets out to explain what home owners should do to get the fault resolved.

Published 02 May 2019

Commercial opportunity in smart, distributed UK energy infrastructure

(PDF, 2.9 MB)
Published 28 Mar 2018Last reviewed 28 Mar 2018

LED Testing to LM79/LM80/L70

(PDF, 2.8 MB)

Brief and simple explanation of what LM79, LM80 abd L 70 standards actually mean and how they relate to purchasing LED Luminaires and are relevant to product guarantees.


A Guide to Solar Electricity

(PDF, 408 kB)

All you need to know about how to save money through the UK governments 'feed-in-tariff' and receive payments for the electricity you generate, whether you use it yourself or feed it back into the grid.


Variable Speed Drives

Major energy savings can be made using these units, if used with the right application. Many pumps and fans do not need to run at full capacity all the time. Ventilation rates in a building can be varied to suit occupancy and pumps can be controlled to limit liquid delivery such as in heating or chilled water systems.


Making the Case for Energy Saving Measures

(PDF, 73 kB)

This guide is for ECA Registered Members working with domestic and small commercial clients (e.g. in small office or retail environments). It describes how to carry out, and put forward, basic financial calculations to help illustrate the financial benefits of installing energy saving measures.


Guide to the Installation of Photovoltaic Systems

(PDF, 3.8 MB)

The scope of this document is to provide solar PV system designers and installers with information to ensure that a grid-connected PV system meets current UK standards and best practice recommendations. It is primarily aimed at typical grid connected systems of up to 50kWp (total combined d.c. output).


Sample Environmental Policy

(WORD, 96 kB)

Environmental policy template for ECA members.


Power Factor Correction

(PDF, 1.1 MB)Download

Factsheet - BS 7671 2008 Amendment 2 - Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

(PDF, 65 kB)Download

Guidance Note - Air Source Heat Pumps

(PDF, 373 kB)

Air Source Heat Pumps could provide all of home’s heating, significantly cutting your bills and reducing the amount of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere.


Guidance Note - Ground Source Heat Pumps

(PDF, 587 kB)

Ground source heat pumps are powered by electricity, but for every unit of electricity used, three to four units of heat are produced. This kind of system could provide all of your home’s heating, significantly cutting your bills – and reducing the amount of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) you release into the atmosphere.


An Introduction to Smart Homes

(PDF, 1.5 MB)Download

Different type of controls

(PDF, 42 kB)Download

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

(WORD, 28 kB)

Draft policy template for ECA Members. Please note: what the policy actually says will clearly have to link to what the company aims to do.

Solar PV Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

Solar PV Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

14 Jan 2020

Great news for new owners of solar PV installations and a boost for solar PV installers.

ECA adds voice to Government on solar grid exports

ECA adds voice to Government on solar grid exports

10 Sep 2018

Open letter to Energy Minister asks for viable export tariffs on solar projects

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