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Variable speed motors/drivers

Technology Description

Reduces the speed of drive systems to optimise energy use.

Energy saving benefit and/or carbon reductions

Potentially helps reduce energy bills.

Upskilling advice

No additional specialist training required for installation but applications knowledge recommended.

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Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Checklist - for clients

This checklist is intended to help you, the client, to discuss the scope for further energy saving measures with your ECA contractor*. The emphasis is on measures that can be applied in existing commercial or public premises, including those which may require extension or major refurbishment.


Variable Speed Drives

Major energy savings can be made using these units, if used with the right application. Many pumps and fans do not need to run at full capacity all the time. Ventilation rates in a building can be varied to suit occupancy and pumps can be controlled to limit liquid delivery such as in heating or chilled water systems.


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