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The Drive to Net Zero Carbon

The climate emergency is changing the way we live.  By delivering the changes, electrotechnical firms are essential to achieving Net Zero Carbon. 

ECA and their Members are seizing opportunities to create a cleaner world. ECA supports the skills and technologies crucial to reaching Net Zero Carbon in the UK by 2050.

As the government develops its national plan for achieving net zero carbon, ECA has produced three short animations on key routes on the Drive to Net Zero Carbon.

The videos highlight essential areas where the electrotechnical sector can contribute greatly to UK decarbonisation and upskilling - watch all three now below!



We'll need cohorts of new apprentices and upskilled engineering services operatives to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2050...


Building infrastructure

As we look for economic recovery, we'll need to build back smarter and greener to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2050... 



The route to Net Zero Carbon 2050 involves further grid decarbonisation through more renweables, energy storage and smart systems...