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ECA summary of CDM

CDM 2015 applies to all ‘construction work’, no matter how big or small the job or the contractor (contrary to any belief that CDM only applies to large construction projects).

For example, a contractor is likely to have duties under CDM 2015 even if only one operative is on-site, working on an electrical installation – if that work is part of 'building or engineering construction work'.

CDM 2015 applies from conception and design, right through to work completion. It requires, where relevant, co-operation between project team members and others affected on-site, the timely exchange of relevant information, and the effective co-ordination of activities.

Non-compliance with CDM 2015 can result in unlimited fines and in the case of serious breaches, imprisonment. In addition, the commercial construction supply chain usually requires contractors to have the capability to work to the requirements of CDM 2015, including at the prequalification stage (PQQ).  

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ECA CDM 2015 Outlined

(DOCUMENT, 408 kB)

The ECA has produced a flow chart to help illustrate and outline in a simplified format the main duties under the CDM 2015 regulations.

Published 01 Aug 2017Last reviewed 01 Aug 2017

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