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CHAS Mini Manual

CHAS ‘How to’ manual available for Members

There are two free CHAS manuals available to ECA Members. One is a ‘mini manual’ for companies with less than 5 employees and the other ‘mini-manual 5+’ is for companies with 5 or more employees. These manuals provide guidance to help contractors meet the basic requirements that lead to CHAS PQQ recognition.

The manuals provide information, advice and links to practical tools that can help a contractor to engage efficiently and effectively with a basic CHAS assessment. 

They should be used with the guides and templates that are also available to members on the Guides & Templates page.



CHAS Mini Manual 5+

(PDF, 410 kB)

For contractors with more than 5 employees,

Published 29 Aug 2017Last reviewed 29 Aug 2017

CHAS Mini Manual

(PDF, 285 kB)

A new manual is now available to Members providing guidance on the basic requirements to achieve CHAS PQQ recognition.