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ECA works with government and partners to press for equitable business behaviour in the construction industry. In particular, we are focused on ensuring that specialist contractors are paid the full amount due on time, and that cash retentions are not unfairly held up the supply chain.

Fair pay for contracting firms

Payment is a key issue and we work with government and those in the industry supply chain to ensure that they understand the often severe impact of poor payment practices on our members.

Research from ECA has found that many local authorities are still not ensuring their supply chain was paid on time, in contravention of their legal obligations. The ECA is working to ensure greater public sector compliance.

Cash retentions in the supply chain

SMEs are often subjected to cash retentions, which can be as much as 10% and last for periods up to 3 years or more.

Peter Aldous MP launched a bill, supported by ECA, on reforming retentions in 2018. The bill's second reading is due to be held in early 2019.

Cutting red tape for SMEs

ECA works with partners to press government to support SMEs within our sector, especially in relation to reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape for businesses.

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Carillion anniversary: SMEs still looking for action on payment

Carillion anniversary: SMEs still looking for action on payment

15 Jan 2019

Exactly one year on from Carillion’s collapse, business owners are telling Government that not enough has been done to ensure a similar insolvency crisis does not happen again.

Over 200 MPs support Aldous Bill

Over 200 MPs support Aldous Bill

28 Aug 2018

Reforming cash retentions has unprecedented support in Parliament

Network Rail shows “exemplary leadership” on payment

Network Rail shows “exemplary leadership” on payment

22 Jun 2018

Trade bodies applaud Network Rail for commitment to fairer business practices

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