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Application guides

Access authoritative Application Guides compiled and published by our technical experts.

Application guides

Here you can access authoritative Application Guides compiled and published by our technical experts, addressing best practice engineering across many subject areas, ranging from High Voltage earthing to assessment of Arc Flash Hazards and much more. These Application Guides are available to members and this resource will grow over time.

The Employer’s Legal Duties to maintain Safe Electrical Installations

Electricity is a hugely versatile and convenient source of energy, but it can be dangerous if the electrical system has not been properly designed, installed, operated and maintained. This guide aims to help employers (building and other premises owners, landlords or managing agents) understand their legal duties to ensure adequate inspection, testing and maintenance of electrical systems.


New Generation of Electrical Installations Remote Powering: “Power Over Ethernet”

Reducing global consumption, improving energy efficiency, exploring the universe of data, managing devices are a necessity for all types of buildings or infrastructure. The transition from traditional installations to Power over Ethernet has started in all European countries. With PoE, installers can better meet their clients’ need and demand for efficient, connected and “next generation” buildings. European electrical contractors must adapt NOW. This technical reference guide is a common standard for all European electrical installers and may also be useful for designers, architects and controllers.



Cables and CPR

New European regulations take effect from 1st July 2017, regarding the testing and classification of cables by manufacturers, concerning  how they behave during fire conditions.

This guide has been updated in accordance of BS 7671:2018.

This will bring in a requirement that the majority of cables for permanent installation within a building will have to be suitably  classified, and selected to be the appropriate category by designers, specifiers and installers alike.

This ECA Application Guide has been prepared detailing all that is needed to be known, giving practical guidance on the subject for designers and installers.



Electrical Heating Design

The following application guide is designed to give readers additional information about electric heating systems in relation to the design and build of different projects. This guide is intended to offer practical guidance to all, although due to the nature of the subject must make reference to other guidance documents and standards.


Download 'Heating Loss Calculation' table >


Regulations and Requirements for Inspection and Testing

This application guide is intended to offer advice on the legal requirements for common electrical systems that contractors work upon. Due to the huge variety of electrical systems, this guide is following on six specific standards.



Selection of LV Switchgear and Protective Devices

This application guidance is intended to provide readers with information regarding the design, selection and installation of LV switchgear and protective devices and to offer practical guidance to all, though due to the nature of the subject must make reference to other guidance documents and standards.



Application Guidance on Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Arc Flash Protection

Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Arc Flash Protection, are topics of North-American (USA) origin and concern the assessment and mitigation of Arc Flash Hazard(s) to personnel working on, or in reasonably close proximity to, energised electrical plant and equipment. The topic is very much coming to the fore in the UK via manufacturers and suppliers of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and their efforts are focussed on...