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Does it comply?

The ECA works closely with the entire electrotechnical supply chain, including manufacturers, distributors and clients, to seek to minimise the prevalence and dangers associated with counterfeiting.

Our partners on counterfeiting include the following organisations:

Primarily this work is undertaken through the ‘Does It Comply?’ initiative. This initiative aims to educate and inform contractors, installers, manufacturers, distributors and specifiers to the damaging consequences to the industry from the trade in non-compliant products.

Does It Comply? will be producing a number of checklists in the near future, covering areas such as cabling, RCDs (residual current devices) and LEDs.

The ECA also works with clients to help them appreciate the importance of ‘value engineering’ – in which tenders are won not only on their price, but also based on ensuring all the ingredients and requirements for a successful installation are taken into consideration within the procurement process.