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Guidance Notes

To complement our larger Application Guides we compile Guidance Notes which offer concise guidance on specific areas of technical interest.


EICR coding consideration

(PDF, 334 kB)

This guide is intended to inform members in formulating a suitable code when undertaking an EICR.

Published 20 Dec 2018

Use of non typical socket outlets

(PDF, 491 kB)

Use of socket outlets in the UK that are not recognised under BS 7671

Published 20 Dec 2018

Adequacy of Existing DNO Fused Cut-Outs

(PDF, 626 kB)

The important need to check adequacy of DNO - owned equipment

Published 20 Dec 2018

Raised Access Floor Systems - Earthing & Bonding

(PDF, 316 kB)

Do raised access floors require earthing and bonding?

Published 20 Dec 2018

EV charge-point Installers process of registration with OLEV

(PDF, 589 kB)

The purpose of this guidance is to signpost the process an installer must follow for The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) accreditation and installation notification.

Published 26 Nov 2018Last reviewed 26 Nov 2018

The Employer’s Legal Duties to maintain Safe Electrical Installations

(PDF, 1.6 MB)

This guide aims to help employers* understand their legal duties to ensure adequate inspection, testing and maintenance of electrical systems.

Published 30 Aug 2018Last reviewed 30 Aug 2018

TT Earthing Systems - Guidance Note

(PDF, 695 kB)

This Guidance Note highlights TT earthing system requirements, dispels any myths and gives some clear guidance to both contractors and clients.

Published 23 Feb 2017

Thermal Performance of Lighting Diffusers

(PDF, 508 kB)Download

High/Medium Voltage Installations

(PDF, 521 kB)Download

Using Armouring as a Protective Conductor

(PDF, 565 kB)

This guide is designed to help contractors understand the options for using a steel armouring as a protective conductor.


Arc Fault Detection Devices

(PDF, 652 kB)Download

Main Changes of BS 7671:2018

(PDF, 376 kB)Download

Electrical Vehicle Charging

(PDF, 1 MB)Download

Risk assessment of SPDs BS 7671:2018

(PDF, 593 kB)Download

Guidance Note Earthing of Raised Access Floors

(PDF, 41 kB)Download

Guidance Note - Air Source Heat Pumps

(PDF, 373 kB)

Air Source Heat Pumps could provide all of home’s heating, significantly cutting your bills and reducing the amount of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere.


Guidance Note - Ground Source Heat Pumps

(PDF, 587 kB)

Ground source heat pumps are powered by electricity, but for every unit of electricity used, three to four units of heat are produced. This kind of system could provide all of your home’s heating, significantly cutting your bills – and reducing the amount of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) you release into the atmosphere.


Fault Currents in Generator Fed Installations

(PDF, 317 kB)

The following guide is designed to raise awareness about the potential issues that can arise in an installation which has an additional generator back up feed.


Cable Seperation Requirement

(PDF, 566 kB)

Installation and separation of wiring systems from other services, both electrical and nonelectrical, can sometimes become confusing and complex, especially when dealing with areas where multiple Standards interact. The following is intended to help Members when dealing with cable separation issues.


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