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BS 7671

This section covers activities associated with BS 7671 – Requirements for Electrical Installations and much of our members work is covered in this category. Our Guidance and support in this area ranges from Application Guidance, to the provision of editable certificates. Follow the links to take you to applicable areas.


Wiring Accessory Replacement

(PDF, 379 kB)

This technical bulletin addresses the questions about wiring accessory replacement and provides best practice guidance which can be applied to both commercial and domestic locations.

Published 23 Feb 2017

TT Earthing Systems - Guidance Note

(PDF, 695 kB)

This Guidance Note highlights TT earthing system requirements, dispels any myths and gives some clear guidance to both contractors and clients.

Published 23 Feb 2017

Cross-sectional Area of Neutral Conductors

(PDF, 215 kB)

Best practice advice based on one of the most frequent technical enquiries.


Joining Dissimilar Metals

(PDF, 231 kB)

This technical bulletin is designed to offer advice and guidance when working on and with electrical equipment of dissimilar metals that are to be connected, or joined together.


Does Metallic Cable Tray / Ladder Require Bonding?

(PDF, 242 kB)

Many contractors, engineers and consultants find this topic to be confusing. The answer will depend on what the tray / ladder is used for.


Key Factsheet - BS 76712008 Requirements for Electrical Installations. IEE Wiring Regulations Sevent

(PDF, 62 kB)Download

Key Factsheet - 16th Edition-17th Edition Regulation Number Comparisons

(PDF, 97 kB)Download

Key Factsheet - The 17th Edition and Locations containing a Bath or Shower

(PDF, 135 kB)Download

Key Factsheet - BS 76712008 Extraneous-Conductive-Parts

(PDF, 289 kB)Download

Completing paperwork for certification & inspection & testing of electrical installation to BS 76712

(PDF, 384 kB)Download

Key Factsheet – BS 7671 2008 Amendment 1 highlights and changes

(PDF, 90 kB)Download

Power Factor Correction

(PDF, 1.1 MB)Download

Key Factsheet – Harmonics

(PDF, 166 kB)Download

Key Factsheet - Earthing of Raised Access Floors

(PDF, 46 kB)Download

Guidance Note Earthing of Raised Access Floors

(PDF, 41 kB)Download

Factsheet - BS 7671 2008 Amendment 2 - Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

(PDF, 65 kB)Download

Key Factsheet - Voltage Drop in Consumer Installations

(PDF, 78 kB)Download

Key Factsheet - BS7671 2008 + Amendment 3 2015

(PDF, 99 kB)Download

Factsheet - BS7671 Extraneous Conductive Parts

(PDF, 277 kB)Download

Guide to Electrical Maintenance

(PDF, 1.6 MB)Download

Legal and Standardisation Aspects of Electrical Installation Contracting

(PDF, 157 kB)Download

Key Factsheet- Facts about LED lighting

(PDF, 1.5 MB)Download

Guidance to Electrical Contractors on the Disability Discrimination Act 1995

(PDF, 122 kB)Download

Legal Obligations of Employers to Maintain all Electrical Installations in a Safe Condition

(PDF, 415 kB)Download

Key Factsheet - LED Light Quality

(PDF, 610 kB)Download

Energy Security Checklist

(PDF, 51 kB)Download

IP Rating of Trunking

(PDF, 202 kB)

The trunking currently being used in electrical installations typically has an International Protection (IP) rating (otherwise known as Ingress Protection Rating) of IP3X where joints have been fabricated on site.


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