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Coronavirus: Engineering services recovery

This page aims to help ECA Members on the journey to business recovery, with guidance on:

Commercial & Legal issues; Employment issues; and Health & Safety issues, along with Government advice and more.


Since the start of the national coronavirus emergency, ECA has produced industry-relevant information, guidance and practical tools to help engineering services businesses, and it has made information freely available to all. General information linked to emergency issues will remain available to all over the coming months by clicking here.

However, an increasing number of engineering services businesses are starting to increase their capacity for on-site and other work activity. To help businesses to manage the recovery as lockdown is eased - and while recognising that managing the risk of COVID-19 is essential - we have created this dedicated ‘Business Recovery’ webpage.

While some information on this Business Recovery page will be made available to all, other content on this growing page will be for the benefit of ECA Members only. 

Commercial Issues

26 May Member Only Coronavirus - Contractual Issues
This is summary guidance on what contractual issues will
need to be
considered in light of COVID-19. Please click here
or a related webinar.
26 May  Member Only Contracts Force Majeure 18.05.20
26 May  Member Only Coronavirus Government Loan Schemes 18.05.20
19 May  Industry  Site Operating Procedures v4
07 May  Industry CLC Guidance on contractual disputes 
How industry can protect and collaborate to avoid disputes and 
accommodate the impact of COVID-19
07 May  Industry Government guidance to businesses on responsible contractual behaviour
06 May Member Only Coronavirus - Commercial Self Employment 
A guide to the Government support system for the self-employed
23 Apr Industry Open for business: list of electrotechnical sector wholesalers
16 Apr Industry Site Operating Procedures v3
16 Apr Member Only Template - Commercial letter SOP compliance
Precedent letter for sending to principal contractors to
confirm safe site conditions
16 Apr Industry Coronavirus - Travel to work letter template
This template is for those who need to provide employees/sub-contractors
with a letter of authorisation to confirm why they are travelling to
work (which cannot be
 performed remotely), should they be
requested by the authorities
09 Apr  Member Only Coronavirus - Procurement Policy Note - Government Procurement
As a direct or indirect public sector supplier, you could use this as the
basis for
 negotiating critical payment and other contractual relief measures.
08 Apr   Member Only Coronavirus - Procurement Policy Note - Supplier Relief
As a direct or indirect public sector supplier, you can use this as the basis
or negotiating critical payment and other contractual  relief measures
02 Apr Industry Site Operating Procedure v2
This CLC version was live for a matter of hours, and any businesses who
took decisions based on this should seek legal advice. This has been
superseded by v3 (please see H&S section below for details)
23 Mar  Industry Site Operating Procedures v1
Initial guidance from the Construction Leadership Council on working on site.
This has been superseded by v3 (please see H&S section  below for details)
23 Mar  Member Only Coronavirus - Retention of Title Guidance
This guidance covers legal and commercial issues to be considered when
assessing who has title (ownership) of goods, materials, plant and tools
23 Mar Industry Coronavirus - Debtor Insolvency Guidance
19 Mar Industry Coronavirus - Business Continuity Planning
This document outlines key strategic areas for a business to consider in
assimilating their business continuity planning.

Employment Issues

03 June Member Only Furlough Eligibility Guidance ​
ECA employment guidance on eligibility for furlough under the existing
(pre-1 July) Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Current details about
how the CJRS is expected to work from 1 July are summarised and
analysed more extensively in our Future of Furlough guidance
02 June Member only Employment Guidance - Dealing with Coronavirus in the Workforce 
ECA employment guidance on dealing with the impact of Coronavirus
and measures to combat Coronavirus in the workforce
01 June Industry HM Treasury factsheet on future of UK Government employment/ income
support schemes

Includes confirmation of future arrangements for the furlough and self-employment
income support schemes. Full Government guidance on the future of furlough from
01 July is due to be published on 12 June
01 June Member Only Future of Furlough
ECA’s summary and analysis of UK Government information published on 29 May
bout the future operation of furlough under the Coronavirus  Job Retention Scheme,
ncluding the availability of a new ‘flexible furlough’  option from 1 July.
26 May Industry HMRC guidance on claiming back SSP paid to employees
during COVID-19

Defines who is eligible and how to go about making a claim – including link to
online claims portal
11 May  Industry Dept of Health guidance on Coronavirus: getting tested
Defines who is eligible for a test (including construction workers) and
how to go about booking a test, either by self-referral or employer referral.
07 May  Industry Cabinet Office/ DfE guidance on critical workers who can access
schools or educational settings

Practical guidance and checklists to help employers prepare to make
 claim via the online portal.
05 May Industry Cabinet Office/ DfE guidance on critical workers who can access
schools or educational settings

Defines which parents can continue to send their children to school,
based on a child’s needs and/or the ‘critical’ nature of the parent’s work.
01 May Industry HMRC employer guidance: Check if you can claim for employees'
wages via the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Explains eligibility conditions for furlough and key aspects of the
furloughing process (e.g. the need for employee agreement).
30 Apr Industry HMRC employer guidance: Work out 80% of employees' wages
to claim via the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Explains how to calculate and submit furlough claims via the online portal.
29 Apr Industry COVID 19: Testing for construction, emergency and other workers
Government’s position on the ability of construction/FM workers
and dependants) to access coronavirus testing
27 Apr Industry HMRC employer guidance: Claim back SSP paid to employees
due to COVID-19

Guidance and checklists for preparing a claim.
24 Apr Member Only Furlough Grant Claims Consolidated
Guidance ​An overview of Government guidance on calculating furlough
grant claims and submitting claims through the online portal. Includes
clarification on the inclusion of overtime and incentive/ bonus payments
on a claim, plus a simple walk-through of the online claims process.
24 Apr Industry DfE/ ESFA guidance for apprentices, employers, training providers, etc.
Includes guidance on ways to maintain apprentices’ progress despite
college closures and/or furlough. 
03 Apr   Member Only Coronavirus - Alternatives to Furlough ​
This summarises various courses of action open to employers as an
alternative to the Government’s furlough arrangements

Health & Safety Issues

04 June Member-only Site safety return to work checklist
01 June Member-only Coronavirus: health and safety-related law and guidance
This guidance describes the legal framework and considerations
for health & safety risk for employers
27 May  Industry COVID-19 and Engineering Services: guidance (GN 3) ​
Work-related travel
27 May  Industry COVID-19 and Engineering Services: guidance (GN 2) revised​ ​
Working in close proximity
27 May  Industry COVID-19 and Engineering Services: guidance (GN 1) revised
​​COVID-19: use of PPE/RPE in higher risk environments
19 May Industry Site Operating Procedures v4
18 May Industry Mental Health Week - Team tips
12 May Industry Dept of Health guidance on Coronavirus: getting tested
Sets out various travel options, including guidance on social
distancing and use of face coverings on public transport.
12 May Industry ECA summary of (construction) working safely during COVID-19
12 May Industry ​​Construction: working safely during COVID-19 
05 May Industry Short Video animation: Safely undertaking domestic electrical work
27 Apr Industry Coronavirus: Reducing risk between work and home
22 Apr Industry Coronavirus: Useful safety signs for your use
16 Apr Industry Template - Letter to commercial clients
​Letter for issue when undertaking work for commercial clients
16 Apr Industry Coronavirus - Template letter to domestic customers
​Letter for issue when undertaking work for domestic clients
08 Apr Industry Welsh Government Social Distancing
​Welsh Government update on social distancing, and its impact
on construction
08 Apr Industry Site Opening Update
Summary of the Government’s position on site openings​
03 Apr Industry ECA Coronavirus Tool Box Talk v2
​This general coronavirus health and safety Toolbox Talk may be adapted
as necessary to suit individual Member company needs.

Technical Issues

Government & other support for business

01 June Industry CLC Roadmap to Recovery
18 May  Industry Welsh Government Traffic Light Roadmap
20-page Traffic Light Roadmap to explain the next
steps towards easing the lockdown
14 May  Industry Coronavirus: 14th May Updates
12 May  Member Only Concise summary of the Government's 'Recovery Roadmap'
12 May Industry Government's (Recovery Roadmap)
06 May Industry Government support and announcements
​Comprehensive regularly updated document on industry-relevant
UK Government support and announcements

ECA Premises

Industry issues: opportunity to provide your views

This section allows you to share your views and experiences on important issues linked to Business Recovery. We value your input, which can help to shape government policy, legislation and other developments that affect our industry, and we encourage you to engage with any of the following...

ECA Group Companies & Brands: