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In this episode...

We look at the 6 biggest myths and misconceptions about Building Information Modelling (BIM) with Steve Martin, Director of Technical at ECA.

Based on member feedback and frequent appearances in trade press, the six biggest questions about BIM narrow down to:

  1. BIM is just for main contractors or Tier 1 organisations
  2. BIM is just 3D modelling
  3. BIM will cost too much, take up too much time and/or impact productivity
  4. BIM will ‘solve’ clashes and clash detection
  5. Clients won’t know what to do with BIM data
  6. BIM Level 2 compliance is achieved by adopting one standard

If you have ever wondered about these aspects of BIM, listen to the podcast and see what you can learn. If you have any more questions you'd like answered, or suggestions about what we should discuss next, send an email to

To find more content on BIM from ECA, visit the Technical section of our website.