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High Voltage & the ECA

High Voltage (HV) installations form an integral part of any business with a need to be backed by extensive engineering, project planning and maintenance regimes. The loss of electricity supply due to a poorly maintained HV system can be devastating leading to lengthy down time costing business’ thousands of pounds.


Inviting High Voltage Specialists to the ECA

Over the past century ECA has played a pivotal role in proactively working with the wider industry to establish a footing with relevant stakeholders and standard setting organisations  with a focus on improving professionalism, creating commercial opportunities for members and successfully representing  the vast array of contractors who operate in the three main areas of High Voltage installation - Contestable work  as Independent Connections Provider (ICP), non contestable work under the control of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and Private HV networks under the responsibility of clients' own safety rules.

Routes to Membership

ECA Assessment

  • Transformers, switchgear, cabling, jointing and terminations  - ECA Assessment, delivered by third-party - Non UKAS accredited
  • Cabling and jointing only - ECA Assessment, delivered by third party - Non UKAS accredited

Other work areas covered by the ECA