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The Drive to Net Zero Carbon

New technology such as energy storage will help the UK achieve net zero carbon emissions. We are working to promote and influence its development.

The Drive to Net Zero Carbon

Working with Government and other industry bodies, ECA seeks to ensure that electrotechnical and engineering services contractors influence the development of energy-related initiatives.

The ECA works with industry partners to promote energy efficiency, renewable power, and the development of battery storage as a means to promote lower costs and greater energy security.

Renewable energy

The ECA actively supports renewable energy, such as solar PV and tidal power, as important contributors to the UK energy mix.

Securing an energy storage revolution

More needs to be done to support both energy efficiency and energy storage. Cost-effective energy storage could literally transform the UK energy landscape.

Fostering an energy storage revolution across the country, would allow for this stored power from renewable sources to then be deployed at times of peak demand, but at much lower cost.