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Skills For The Future

Our industry is facing a shortage of skills and wants to attract new talent from diverse backgrounds.

We’re pressing the government for more high-quality apprenticeships and a joined-up approach to building low-carbon skills.

Skills For The Future

Working closely with Government, as well as other industry stakeholders, ECA endeavours to maintain the integrity of our apprenticeships and to attract high calibre entrants into our industry.

ECA understands the importance of continuous professional training and traineeships/apprenticeships for young people. We have pressed the Government to ensure apprenticeships are rigorous and high quality, and that sufficient numbers of apprenticeships are engineering based.

ECA is a leading and founding member of TESP – the Electrotechnical Skills Partnership.

Bridging the skills gap

The UK’s engineering services sector is facing a growing skills shortage, and Britain is in desperate need of more skilled – engineering - apprenticeships. Government and schools need to do much more to back STEM subjects and encourage take-up of vocational engineering training. As part of our efforts in this area, ECA and partners within TESP support efforts to upskill existing workers within the industry.

7 core steps ECA is taking to support Members:

  1. Develop information and other support to help Members engage more closely with schools and colleges 
  2. Establish relevant employment support initiatives – including for one or more under-represented/ disadvantaged groups 
  3. Strengthen the ECA Educational Associate category as a significant enabler of ECA influence and improved standards within the educational and skills system 
  4. Represent ECA and its Members on industry forums
  5. Boost ECA influence with industry, Government and other key stakeholders on Skills, including digital and low-carbon skills and Competence 
  6. Support entry routes, career progression and qualifications development
  7. Support industry wide Skills projects through ECA Membership of TESP (The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership)