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The drive to Net Zero Carbon


UK to end sale of new petrol and diesel cars


UK powered entirely by clean electricity


UK becomes net zero

For over a century ECA has worked for a fair electricity market.

In 2022, against the backdrop of escalating energy prices, fuel poverty and net zero targets, we draw on our history to offer viable energy policy solutions.


We collaborate with others to promote renewable power, energy efficiency and energy storage to deliver lower costs and greater energy security.


The electrotechnical and engineering services sector is worth £21bn. We represent our Members at government and industry bodies to influence energy-related initiatives and policies.

Clean electricity has the advantage of being a more secure, stable and cheaper energy source than other fuels
Steve Bratt, ECA CEO
What is the issue?
Electricity prices are around four times higher than gas
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Electricity prices are around four times higher than gas

ECA is working for parity between gas and electricity levies to reflect the falling carbon intensity of electricity.

From 2030 UK sales of petrol and diesel vehicles will end
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From 2030 UK sales of petrol and diesel vehicles will end

In 2030 new petrol and diesel vehicles will no longer be sold in the UK.


ECA has gathered evidence about the lack uneven provision of EV Charging Points in the UK and the inconsistency of installation standards. Learn more >

Legal emissions targets set for 2035
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Legal emissions targets set for 2035

The UK has a legally binding target to make 78% reduction emissions by 2035 and become a net zero emitter by 2050


To decarbonise the grid we need long term strategic incentives and consumer education about the benefits low carbon alternatives. Without a strategic plan which considers grid capacity and captures carbon use, measuring progress towards targets is a challenge.


The UK is legally bound to be a net zero emitter by 2050

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What change is ECA calling for?
Electrification of all UK transport
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Electrification of all UK transport

Electrification of all UK transport, including rail, shipping and electric vehicles.


- To keep pace with the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads ECA is calling on government to deliver an electric vehicle charging strategy and investment in a nation-wide charge point network.


- To address inconsistent installation quality ECA is calling on energy suppliers to facilitate collective load control with Electric Vehicle charging point and other significant loads, onsite generation and storage.


- To address the Electric Vehicle Charging Point postcode lottery ECA is calling on local authorities to plan for and prioritise EVCP installation in their areas. 

An energy storage revolution
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An energy storage revolution

To transform the UK energy landscape and reduce our reliance on imported energy, ECA calls for the introduction of smart energy prosumer systems for small scale energy producers to feed into the national grid including:


- Incentives for electrical energy storage systems, smart LED/electrical heating systems and battery storage. 


Incentives for Prosumers Electrical Installation using onsite generation (such as solar PV or localised wind generation) and electrical energy storage systems (EESS)

Rebalancing of energy taxation
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Rebalancing of energy taxation

To address inequalities in gas and electricity levies, ECA is calling on government to:


- Review outdated fuel levies on fuel bill and bring parity to gas and electricity levies.


- Reduce levies on electricity to reflect to the falling carbon intensity of electricity.

Measurement of whole life carbon in buildings
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Measurement of whole life carbon in buildings

To reduce carbon emissions from extraction of materials, manufacture, repair, disassembly and disposal, is important to measure ‘embodied carbon’ in buildings. ECA is calling for:


- Mandatary assessment and reporting of whole life carbon on building projects over 1000m2 through Building Regulations by 2027.


- Mandatory labelling of products to define the ‘embodied carbon’ and energy or the embodied constituents. 


- A national embodied and whole life carbon database. 

A National Retrofit Strategy
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A National Retrofit Strategy

To combat energy loss in 28 million homes and make the UK’s aging housing stock energy efficient, ECA is calling on government to:


- Adopt the CLC’s national retrofit strategy


- Establish an effective home insulation scheme.


- Promote air-to-air heat pumps as suitable for retrofit in older buildings.


- Expand the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to cover the installation of low carbon heating devices.

The electrotechnical industry is poised to deliver the safe, productive and low-carbon buildings and infrastructure that will meet our immediate and future needs and support the drive towards Net Zero
Abolition of VAT on battery storage products
A review of fuel levies to bring parity between gas and electricity
Safe, competent installation of EV charge points
Expand the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to cover the installation of low carbon heating devices
ECA's Drive To Net Zero Activity
EV Network Strategy published
March 2022: ECA warns market-led approach may jeopardise the quality and safety of EV charge point installations.
VAT removed on renewable products

March 2022: Chancellor removes VAT on renewable products - achieving one of ECA’s policy asks.

ESF roundtable on EV charge point safety
February 2022: ECA presents data on patchy local authority approach to EVCP roll out.
Ahead of Spring Statement
March 2022: Open letter to Chancellor with industry and renewable energy providers asking to remove VAT on renewable products.
Content with Purpose partnership
January 2022: Media partnership to document the transition to net zero electricity - leading the charge.
Response to SMMT EV infrastructure report
February 2022: There can be no EV charge point network in the UK without an upskilled electrical workforce.
BEIS consultations
January 2022: ECA submits responses to phasing out the installation of fossil fuel heating in homes off the gas grid and a market based mechanism for low carbon heat.
Rise in EV sales
January 2022: The Society of Motoring Manufacturers cites ECA data about regional inconsistencies in EV Charging points.
Energy crisis

January 2022: Luke Osbourne appears in YouTube video stating ECA’s position on net zero.


November 2021: Member firm, EFT and ECA staff attend events in Glasgow.

Freedom of Information request
October 2021: ECA gathers data about local authority plans for roll out of EV charging points.
EVCP postcode lottery

July 2021: ECA raises alarm about the inconsistent approach to EV charging and calls for a national EV strategy.

Consultation responses

April 2021: ECA responds to public consultations on EV Charging Points and Future Buildings Standards.

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