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Fire & Emergency System Companies

Emergency Lighting, Fire Detection and Alarm Systems form an integral part of a buliding's fire strategy - designed to provide an early warning and safe evacuation in the event of an emergency such as fire or electrical failure.

These systems help reduce the devastating effects of fire within buildings and help protect the life of people who occupy them.

Fast Track to FSA Membership

Check if you are already eligible to join the FSA.

FSA Membership is based on industry recognised criteria and certification, which in turn provides clients with confidence and assurance that FSA member companies not only deliver the highest calibre of work possible, but are also supported by an organisation that ensures they have the tools to perform at their peak.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems:


  • LPS 1014 BRE Certification

  • NSI BAFE SP203-1 (Gold or Silver FIRE Schemes)

  • SSAIB BAFE SP203-1 (FIRE Scheme)

  • BSI BAFE SP203-1

  • IEC BAFE SP203-1

  • SELECT - Approved Certification within Construction for Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Emergency and Escape Lighting:

  • NSI BAFE SP203-4

  • BSI Kitemark BAFE SP203-4

  • SELECT - Approved Certification within Construction for Emergency and Escape Lighting

Already certified with one of these schemes?