ECA Large Contractor of the Year Award

Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

This ECA Award is open to large ECA  Member companies with an overall business turnover over £30 million.


This prestigious award will be presented to a member engineering services contractor with an overall turnover of over £30 million that has shown excellent capability, service and responsibility to clients, the supply chain and to staff, and who has an exceptional story to tell. This award covers 2019 and 2020.



Covering achievements in 2019 and 2020, the winner of the Large Contractor of the Year award will be able to present the Judges with at least one example of exceptional success. In addition to an impressive headline performance on health and safety and training and staff development, examples of excellence might include:

• Providing exceptional support to the supply chain
• Significant sustainability outcomes
• Innovative solutions (e.g. in design or build)
• Major contribution to a successful project - and the measure of success.

The choice is yours. The emphasis will be on results and milestones achieved - not just initiatives - but most of all, the Judges will be looking for a concise summary of what sets your company apart from the rest, to be a worthy winner of the highly respected ECA Large Contractor of the Year Award.


The ECA Awards Deadline is Friday 23 July 2021



ECA Large Contractor of the Year Award Entry Form

Section 1 - Business Details:

Please present those aspects of your company's activities in 2019 that you are putting forward for this award. Please emphasise your achievements, rather than initiatives, and where possible, provide evidence to support your main points.
Your application should then - in up to 400 words - give more details in support of your highlights. Note: ECA also runs annual training and skills, and health and safety awards, so while your application for this award may include or even feature important training or health and safety aspects, it should not be solely restricted to them. You may also attach concise, relevant information, including illustrations and charts, to further support your application.
Supporting info
Irrespective of the achievements you are highlighting for this award, the judges will be looking for a sound approach to skills and personnel development. Please summarise any salient examples of commitment to improving or building in-company skills, and other personnel development. You may attach concise, relevant information in support of this section.
Irrespective of the achievements you are highlighting, the judges will be looking for an impressive headline health and safety performance, to underpin your application. Please ensure you provide accident rate figures for 2019, as a minimum. You may attach concise, relevant information in support of this section. You may also summarise any wider CSR initiatives here. (Please note: specific ECA Industry Awards also available for significant examples of health & safety and/or CSR excellence/achievements.)
As part of your application, please summarise your organisation's approach to supply chain partnership or support, which may include: capacity building, prompt payment, support with pre-qualification or other positive aspects. Support for smaller businesses is of particular interest to the judges.
This is the part of the application that allows you to further highlight and summarise what sets your company apart from the competition, and why should you win this 'blue riband' ECA award (maximum 200 words).
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