Power Players Categories

There are 12 categories in which video entries can be submitted, for consideration by the judges for their innovation, excellence and success. Entrants should select which category their entry falls under. Entrants are also welcome to provide their own category using our 'other' section by simply specifiying the nature of your acheivement in the entry form.

Judge will then shortlist five entrants and then two winners will be chosen from all the categories submitted. 


Advocacy, engagement and campaigning

Provide exceptional and innovative leadership and/or campaigning skills to secure tangible outcomes

Building Information Modelling / Management (BIM)

Demonstrate a full understanding of BIM and indicate how it could be further developed and used

Connected Technology

Demonstrate an understanding of what connected systems are capable of, highlight where the field will be in 5 – 10 years time.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Provide genuine and effective stakeholder engagement, reaching out across a particular discipline


Undertake a unique or creative approach to recruitment, training and/or management to encourage diversity in employment

Employee wellbeing and productivity

Undertake projects and/or initiatives intended to improve employee productivity, happiness and attendance

Health and Safety

Undertake innovative initiatives and methods of work which bring about health and/or safety improvements

Learning, training and skils

Undertaking different learning modes and approaches – for example the use of technology to aid simulation

New technology and diversification

Embracing new and emerging technologies – providing a solution to a problem by moving away from a traditional approach

Standards and regulation

Contributing to new industry codes of practice, standards, and regulations etc

Supply chain

Promote new or alternative ways of working with suppliers and partners within the supply chain


Demonstrate an understanding of the full implementation of a sustainability strategy and how it affects the field they are working in


If your outstanding work doesn't fit into any of the categories above, don't worry you can enter through the 'Other' category by simply specifying the nature of your achievement.