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JIB Wage Rates and Allowances from January 2018

23 August 2017

The second stage of the four year JIB wage settlement will come into effect on Monday 1st January 2018.

HMRC has agreed an increase in the non-taxable lodging allowance under the JIB agreement from £38.72 to £39.69 per night, with effect from 1 January 2018.

The Mileage Allowance and Mileage Rate will remain unchanged at 21p and 11p per mile respectively until 7 January 2019, when it will increase to 22p per mile for Mileage Allowance, and 12p per mile for Mileage Rate.  HMRC has also confirmed that the increased Mileage Allowance from 2019 would remain non-taxable.

ECA guidance on taxation of JIB allowances is available on the ECA website.

If you have any queries on this or any other aspect of employment, please contact the ECA employee relations team on 020 7313 4804.

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