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ECA engages with construction sector deal

26 July 2017

The Construction Leadership Council held a Leadership Conference on 11 July at the prestigious UK Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry. Paul Reeve, ECA Director of Business Services, was invited by the CLC to attend the event, on behalf of ECA and the BESA. 

The Conference explored the government’s Industrial Strategy initiative, and shared the early development of a 'sector deal for construction', to address key challenges such as improving productivity through innovation, including digitisation, and skills. 

The main aim of the event was to help demonstrate to government that an aligned industry can make a massive contribution to the UK economy, growth, and sustainability, through a sector deal.

ECA and BESA had already jointly made a proposal to government for a sector deal for engineering services, and were invited to the Conference following points made in that document, notably on the economic value our sector can provide through better design and whole life performance. 

In addition, the ECA and BESA recently jointly responded to the government’s statement on the 2016 Farmer Review.

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