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1 in 4 Contractors risks and falling foul of HSE

03 May 2017

In a survey of over 350 construction contractors, ECIC found that while the majority (75%) ensure their workers sign site specific health and safety assessments at the start of every job, 13% do not make workers sign the relevant documents, and a further 12% are unsure.

ECIC, the specialist insurer for the contracting sector, is urging contractors to scrutinise their health and safety procedures to ensure they have documented evidence of health and safety assessments for every worker employed on site  – whether directly or indirectly via labour only or bona fide subcontractors. 

In 2014/2015 there were 258 prosecution cases in the construction sector by the Health and Safety Executive, 243 (94%) of which resulted in a guilty verdict for at least one offence. Aside from serious impact this has on workers suffering work related ill health or injury, changes to the Sentencing Guidelines last year have seen fines for breaches of Health and Safety law rise significantly.

Full article on ECIC website.



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