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The International Copper Association: Survey on the copper market

20 February 2019

The International Copper Association, with the help of DMM Advisory Group, is investigating the UK copper market.

ICA is keen to hear from ECA members on this, and members can respond anonymously to an ICA survey.

  1. Where do you see copper substituted by other materials such as aluminium, electrical steel, gold etc. in electrical applications in 2018 and what are the drivers of this substitution?
  2. How fast and irreversible is this substitution and why?
  3. In which applications do you see copper remaining the main material used and why?
  4. Where do you see copper engineered out of electrical applications e.g. reduction of the copper volume used while maintaining performance?

Please send your replies to Krisztina Kalman-Schueler of DMM Advisory Group at

Replies will be aggregated and analysed, and a summary presentation will be shared with participants.  Respondent’s company names will not be disclosed.

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