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Danger relating to use of ICAR Capacitors in industrial UPS

02 September 2019

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently issued a Safety alert relating to all users of industrial uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).

In 2018 a fire occurred in an industrial UPS system manufactured by Vertiv Infrasturcture, previously known as- Emerson / Chloride. The cause of the fire was failure of ICAR branded polypropylene capacitors, responsible for correcting the AC voltage waveform.

A similar UPS system fire in 2011 was also found to be caused by failure of another ICAR branded polypropylene capacitor.

The two models of capacitors, manufactured by ICAR of Monza, Italy are:

  • ICAR LNF-P3B-200-27
  • ICAR LNF-P3X-200-38

Duty holders are advised to take a precautionary approach and consider prompt replacement of both capacitor models where these are identified in UPS systems or other industrial equipment.

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