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Further Government announcements on furlough

15 April 2020

The Government has issued updated information on the operation of furlough under the Job Retention Scheme late on Thursday 9 April 2020.

ECA has incorporated this into a new Furlough guidance note, available on our dedicated Coronavirus webpage. The main clarifications and/or changes announced on 9 April include:

  • Employers have the option to furlough workers who are shielding or need to stay home with someone who is shielding;
  • Employers should not furlough workers simply because they are on short-term sickness absence, but may put such workers on furlough if there are other business reasons for doing so;
  • It is open to an employer to transfer workers on long-term sickness absence onto furlough; 
  • Furloughed workers who fall sick whilst on furlough may remain on furlough and continue to receive their ‘furlough pay’, rather than SSP;
  • Employees transferred after 28 February to a new employer under a TUPE transfer may be furloughed by their new employer;

Furloughed workers may not perform work for any organisation ‘associated’ with or ‘linked’ to their employer.

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