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Considerate Constructors Scheme – Changes to question set

11 February 2020

All visits from Considerate Contractors Scheme Monitors will now use the amended checklist which was updated from 1 January 2020.

On an annual basis, the Scheme evaluates the Code of Considerate Practice and Checklist to ensure its relevancy, which also provides us with the opportunity to raise the bar in certain areas to reflect our ever-increasing expectations for registered organisations. Members registered with the Scheme should assess how they approach these Checklist changes, it will then be up to the Monitor to judge if a site has met these new standards.

The main changes to the questions are in four sections: Appearance, Community, Safety, Environment and Workforce. The changes are detailed below:


•Question 1.4 prompt regarding smoking has been amended to smoking and vaping as it is now generally accepted that these are two different issues with separate challenges.

•Question 1.9 amended to include reference to vaping for the reason given above.

•In question 1.10, ‘First Impressions campaign’ has been amended to ‘First Impressions standards’. This simply reflects that it is about sites aiming to adopt the standards outlined within the campaign, rather than being about the campaign itself.


•In question 2.1 we have amended ‘company contact information and 24/7 contact information/arrangements’ to ‘site, company and out of hours contact information’, which clarifies the Scheme’s requirements for contact details.

•The ‘creating opportunities’ prompt has been removed from question 2.8 as this is implicit within the question itself.

•In question 2.9, ‘promoting supply chain registration’ has been amended to ‘promoting Scheme registration’ to provide clarity

•Question 4.7 has been amended to ‘vehicles and plant to and from the site’ rather than just ‘outside the site’ to clarify that traffic routes should be considered, especially any potential hot spots e.g. local schools.

•The ‘supplier engagement’ prompt in question 4.10 has been amended to ‘supply chain engagement’ for clarity and to state the Scheme is looking for engagement right through the supply chain and not just suppliers


•In question 3.3, ‘inspections’ has been added as a prompt as these should be carried out and recorded regularly by staff.

•The prompt ‘carbon offsetting’ has been moved from question 3.10 to 3.8.

•In question 3.9, ‘mobile machinery’ has been amended to ‘plant and machinery’ for clarity.

•A new prompt ‘hybrid/electric plant’ has been added to question 3.9


•New prompt to question 5.4 includes sanitary bins as this is a standard provision for any female toilet in any working environment or public space.

•Modern Slavery has been added to question 5.5 as there is an increasing need to raise awareness across the industry.

•Question 5.6 has been amended to ‘What is the site doing to support the company in promoting construction as a career of choice?’

•‘Minority groups’ has been added as a prompt to question 5.6 to encourage sites to target such groups to create a more diverse and inclusive site team.

•The ‘Promoting Construction campaign’ prompt has been moved to question 5.6 from 5.10.

•The e-smoking prompt in 5.7 has been amended to vaping for clarity.

•‘Counselling services’ has been moved from question 5.10 to 5.7 as it sits better within this question about wellbeing.

•Question 5.8 has been amended to ‘What is being done to help encourage more equality, diversity and inclusion on site?’ to further drive this movement.

•A new prompt ‘multi-use room’ has been added to question 5.9. Such a room could be used as a first aid space, a prayer room or even just a quiet room.

•The ‘laundry’ prompt in question 5.9 has been amended to ‘laundering’ as this is more about looking for a laundering solution than necessarily providing actual laundry facilities on site.

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