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Social distancing rules to be relaxed

24 June 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday in Parliament plans to reduce Government rules around social distancing in England.

The 2m social distancing rule will be relaxed from 4 July, and a ‘1m plus’ rule will be introduced where it is not possible to keep 2m apart. When people are closer than 2m, the Prime Minister said he encouraged the use of mitigation measures, such as face coverings, to reduce the risk of transmission.

Paul Reeve, ECA Director of CSR said, “the Prime Minister’s announcement was primarily aimed at the public and public-facing activity. The changes will, however, also map over to construction and all other B2B activity from 4 July and the CLC is looking to update its industry Site Operating Procedures (SOP)  accordingly. 

While we wait for any further government guidance and will help to update the SOP, the changes are not an open invitation to work or travel at one metre distance. Doing this will require risk assessment and various other mitigation measures, and various 2 metre site working may even remain."

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