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Detailed CLC guidance

11 May 2020

Complementing the new Cabinet Office guidance, the Construction Leadership Council’s COVID-19 Task Force has just published 19 pages of guidance, for everybody involved in the construction supply chain, on how to minimise potential disputes. The CLC document provides examples on the types of contractual issues that are likely to arise, with practical advice on how to resolve them in a constructive manner.

Referring to public sector guidance (such as PPN 02/20) which seeks to enable the public sector to support supply chains through collaborative approaches to payment and the revision of contractual clauses, the CLC adds “we believe that these same principles must be reflected across the whole of the industry for it to survive for the long-term”.

The full CLC guidance is here.

ECA initiated the CLC workstream above and led the development team, in addition to being actively involved in the development of the Cabinet Office statement. While not regulatory, the Cabinet Office’s guidance (both as government and lead department for UK public sector procurement) may provide additional leverage to Members in current and forthcoming contractual discussions with commercial and public sector bodies, to ensure the impact of COVID-19 is fairly included in existing contractual frameworks.

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