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New eCOMS platform launched!

ECA has launched eCOMS - a web-based tool developed by ECA which provides Members with an easy to use solution to maintain accurate operative training and observation records.

Start using eCOMS now!

The Electrotechnical Assessment Specification, EAS 2020, places requirements on electrical contractors, or enterprises, to undertake a competence review of employed persons. This requires the enterprise to record and manage skills, qualifications, observations and general information about employed persons to ensure that they are adequately trained and supervised for the work they are undertaking. This documentation will be audited by the Certification body during a technical assessment.

Specifically, it assists Enterprises to meet EAS 2020 requirements by providing documentation and training history logs. It maintains a detailed history about operatives as they change roles within the organisation as well as when they join and leave employment.

Most importantly eCOMS means users can quickly visualise the three EAS metrics for all current operatives and, using a simple traffic light colour scheme, what level of supervision is required for each operative.

eCOMS is available free to all ECA Members.

eCOMS features include:

  • Recording of operative details, training and qualifications
  • Recording of observations
  • Recording of internal training courses
  • Recording of company documentation 
  • Reporting on competence levels & supervision requirements

Last updated 29 June 21