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FSA backs BAFE ‘Don’t Just Specify, Verify’ campaign

The Fire and Security Association (FSA) is backing the BAFE Fire Safety Register’s “Don’t Just Specify, Verify” campaign.

The campaign highlights the importance of appropriate UKAS-accredited third-party certification for fire safety work in buildings. 

The campaign has generated substantial industry support from organisations including the FSA, the ECA, UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), the Fire Sector Federation (FSF), and the Construction Industry Council (CIC), among others.

ECA Technical Director Mike Smith said, “ECA and the FSA support third party certification of enterprises. We believe it is important for contractors to be able to demonstrate competency in their specialist fields.”

Lewis Ramsay, Caretaker Manager and Board Member for BAFE, said, “with most buildings now returning to near pre-covid operation, it is imperative this message is repeated in the interest of life safety. 

“Over the last decade, BAFE have witnessed third-party certification becoming a clear stipulation for fire safety work, but it would be far more reassuring to determine if premises management are also verifying this prior to awarding any contract and letting work commence on-site. This verification process should be recorded to demonstrate full due diligence. 

“This is a very straightforward and quick exercise which can be extremely beneficial to evidencing your own quality procedures in sourcing quality contractors to fulfil specific works.”

Last updated 30 November 21