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HSE guidance for working in heatwaves

In light of recent heatwaves and with the prospect of more heatwaves on the horizon, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has shared its guidance to help those working in hot conditions.

The guidance states that, while there is no law that says when it is too hot to work, in offices or similar environments, the temperature in workplaces must be reasonable.

HSE’s thermal comfort checklist (PDF) can help workers and employers identify whether there may be a risk of thermal discomfort in their workplace.

Employees should talk to their employer if the workplace temperature is not comfortable. HSE has also published guidance on what workers and employers can do to feel more comfortable.

It is important to remember the risks of overheating when working in hot conditions, whether you are inside or outdoors.

The HSE website has practical guidance on what you can do to manage the risks, including:

  • Information on factors that can lead to heat stress, and how to reduce the risk of it occurring
  • Managing outdoor working environments

For further information and advice visit the HSE temperature website.

Last updated 12 July 22