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In dark times, we all need a shoulder to lean on

EIC recently lent a hand to father of two Andrew Simmons who needed help to get back on his feet after the tragic loss of his beloved wife. Andrew and his wife Lizzie were expecting their second child, but after a difficult pregnancy their baby girl arrived by caesarean 11 weeks early. Sadly, Lizzie passed away two weeks later due to further medical complications.

Andrew had to cope with this shocking news while his newborn daughter remained in intensive care and his mother took care of their two-year-old son. During this time, Andrew’s employer contacted EIC to see if the Charity was able to offer any form of support. EIC was able to offer Andrew an emergency grant of £2,500 to help cover the costs of bills, which allowed him to concentrate on looking after his family.

Once his baby daughter was well enough to leave hospital, Andrew returned home to look after his children and was offered bereavement counselling by the Charity. Andrew has since returned to work for one day a week, and EIC will continue to help him with his finances until he is fully ready and able to return to work on a full-time basis.

Having a shoulder to lean on at the darkest of times in our lives can make a tremendous difference and give us the strength we need to move forward after losing someone close to us. This is why the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) is reaching out to members of the electrical industry to donate just £1 to powerLottery or become a partner of the Charity’s Employee and Family Support Programme (EFP) and give a helping hand to those who need it most.

EIC’s EFP Programme is part of its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), which is solely funded by powerLottery and offers people within the sector crucial support services, including financial grants and assistance, telephone counselling, complex case management and carer support.

Sign up to take part in powerLottery for as little as £1 per month or become a partner of the Employee and Family Support Programme today, and help provide a shoulder to lean on for those in need of your support, to help them move forward with their lives.