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Could you help a colleague in need?


Some individuals who suffer from mental health issues, of which there are hundreds in the electrical sector, reach out for help and eventually find their feet.

Others, however, self-medicate using alcohol and drugs, which can often result in new problems arising in the form of addiction and substance abuse. Addiction is often a sign of mental health illness, and early intervention is key to getting people on the road to recovery.

Could you spot the signs of a mental health issue in a colleague or loved one?

Alcohol and drug abuse is a serious issue which often leads to depression, and sometimes suicide. According to research by charity DrinkAware, there are an estimated 595,131 dependent drinkers in England, of which only 108,696 are currently accessing treatment.

Mental health problems can strike any of us when we least expect it. Therefore, it is advisable to look into mental health training not only for the workplace but for your personal life too. The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) recently introduced two free training courses - a two-hour Mental Health Awareness workshop and a two-day Mental Health First Aider training course.

Through Mental Health Awareness and First Aider training, attendees can expect to gain an in-depth knowledge of mental health issues and learn how to spot early warning signs and triggers. Applying that knowledge could, potentially, end up steering someone in need towards a path to recovery, and maybe even save their life.

Rhys Lynch first got in touch with EIC in 2012, when his partner left him and his two-year-old daughter. He applied for sole custody of his daughter, leaving his job as an electrician to become a full-time parent. On gaining full custody, the council re-housed Rhys and his daughter into a one-bedroom property, and the Charity provided a £1,000 grant for household items. In 2013, they were moved to a bigger, two-bedroom property, which better met their needs and once again the Charity helped, providing a £1,000 grant for flooring.

However, Rhys’s problems were far from over. Over the years, Rhys was faced with several financial struggles and developed an alcohol and drug addiction which resulted in losing not only his home but also his daughter. With nowhere left to turn, Rhys resorted to theft to feed his addiction, and following numerous incidents with the police, was sent to prison. Since serving his sentence Rhys suffered a further relapse and nearly lost his life. This was an eye-opening moment when he realised that enough was enough. He decided to seek help before it was too late.

EIC offered Rhys counselling and support for underlying issues which dated back many years, assisted with his debts, and he was granted a debt relief order (DRO). Additionally, EIC also helped with the cost of updating his qualifications and, as a result, he has secured a maintenance contract with a local estate agent and has been offered a contract with a local construction company. Free from drugs and alcohol since September 2015, he is once again living with his daughter and is well on his way to building a better life for himself.

By signing up for Mental Health Awareness or Mental Health First Aider Training you can gain a better understanding of the early signs and triggers of mental health problems and help someone suffering from mental health illness to get back on track and move forward with their lives.

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For further information, please contact Jess Vailima: [email protected]