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Health & Safety

The ECA offers extensive information and advice across the broad range of health and safety issues encountered by Members. This includes a free specialist advice line, web-based information, presentations, and practical tools such as eRAMS. The ECA is also a leading voice on health and safety with Government, the HSE, and key stakeholders such clients and main contractors.

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Health & Safety Information

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Risk Assessments & Method Statements

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Pre-qualification & assessment (PQQ)

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KeyOstas H&S Advice

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CDM Regulations

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Health & Safety Representation

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Contact the ECA Health & Safety Department

For any enquiries relating to Health & Safety please contact the department on the details below:

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Looking for Technical content?

In addition to the extensive Health and Safety information and advice, the ECA also offers expert electrical safety information from the Technical Department. To read more on the technical content available, go to the Technical section of the website.

New initiative aims for occupational health step change

New initiative aims for occupational health step change

08 Nov 2017

Occupational health of around 12,000 electrical operatives to be safeguarded

Free workshop on ECA’s SSIP proposal and the Wiring Regulations 18th edition

Free workshop on ECA’s SSIP proposal and the Wiring Regulations 18th edition

12 Jan 2017

The ECA would like to invite you to take part in an important workshop which will help shape its new SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) proposal. There will also be a free presentation about the forthcoming Wiring Regulations 18th Edition during the day.


Occupational Road Safety

(PDF, 1.6 MB)
Published 14 Nov 2017Last reviewed 14 Nov 2017

Site Access Flow Chart - BuildUK

(PDF, 84 kB)
Published 02 Nov 2017Last reviewed 02 Nov 2017

Guidance on Face Masks and Shaving

(PDF, 823 kB)
Published 10 Oct 2017Last reviewed 10 Oct 2017

CHAS Mini Manual 5+

(PDF, 299 kB)

For contractors with more than 5 employees,

Published 29 Aug 2017Last reviewed 29 Aug 2017

PPE Individual Issue Record

(PDF, 1.5 MB)
Published 23 Aug 2017Last reviewed 23 Aug 2017

eRAMS User Manual

(PDF, 3.3 MB)

This user manual breaks down how to use eRAMS and its key features and provides general guidance on contractor risk assessments.

Published 22 Aug 2017Last reviewed 22 Aug 2017

Getting started with eRAMS

(PDF, 376 kB)

This short document explains how to get started with eRAMS and its newest feature eCPP.

Published 09 Jun 2017Last reviewed 09 Jun 2017

Sub-Contractor Basic Health & Safety Capability Form

(WORD, 43 kB)
Published 24 Mar 2017Last reviewed 24 Mar 2017

Site Welfare Assessment form

(PDF, 81 kB)
Published 24 Mar 2017Last reviewed 24 Mar 2017

Health & Safety Arrangements: Checklist

(PDF, 86 kB)

A general checklist of health, safety and welfare (H&S) arrangements for the company’s home base (i.e. the central office/depot) – it does not cover the arrangements for contracting activity on other premises.

Published 09 Feb 2017Last reviewed 09 Feb 2017

Health & Safety Inspection Form

(PDF, 84 kB)

This is a general health, safety and welfare inspection checklist for a site before work starts.

Published 09 Feb 2017Last reviewed 09 Feb 2017

ECA Working at Height - Checklist C

(WORD, 38 kB)

This checklist covers some key factors to consider when carrying out a risk assessment under the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAH).

Published 16 Jan 2017Last reviewed 16 Jan 2017

Incident Investigation Proforma

(PDF, 81 kB)

Provides a simple format for you to record the findings of an incident investigation and recommendations to help prevent re-occurrence.

Published 04 Jan 2017Last reviewed 04 Jan 2017

Incident Report Proforma

(PDF, 84 kB)

The H&S incident report form provides a template for you to record the key information following an incident.

Published 04 Jan 2017Last reviewed 04 Jan 2017

ECA Guidance on RPE

(PDF, 133 kB)

This guidance document outlines the importance of being clean shaven when using tight-fitting RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment).

Published 06 Dec 2016Last reviewed 06 Dec 2016

Asbestos - Client Duty of Care Questionnaire form

(PDF, 51 kB)
Published 05 Dec 2016Last reviewed 24 Mar 2017

Worker Involvement Assessment form

(PDF, 57 kB)
Published 05 Dec 2016

ECA KeyOstas Competent Advice Service leaflet

(PDF, 62 kB)
Published 13 Sep 2016

ECA CPP template

(PDF, 95 kB)

Construction Phase Plan template (CDM 2015) For smaller and only moderately complex jobs

Published 06 Sep 2016

ECA Work At Height Short Duration Risk Assessment (Forms A & B)

(WORD, 44 kB)Download

CHAS Mini Manual

(PDF, 243 kB)

A new manual is now available to Members providing guidance on the basic requirements to achieve CHAS PQQ recognition.


2016 Survey Report

(PDF, 492 kB)Download

ECA Guide to Occupational Health Surveillance

(PDF, 136 kB)Download

ECA HS Policy Statement

(PDF, 151 kB)Download

ECA Supporting Information on HS Policy Statement

(PDF, 100 kB)Download

eRAMS Leaflet

(PDF, 90 kB)

Find out about the ECA's free online risk assessment and method statement service for Members.


ECS Booking form

(PDF, 533 kB)Download

Health & Safety Training Record Template

(DOCUMENT, 11.2 kB)
Last reviewed 31 Oct 2016